Chapter 9

Substance Use Disorders

Set I

Polydrug Abuse

Abuse of more than one drug at a time.

Psychological Dependence

When individuals have changed their life to ensure continued use of a particular drug such that all their activities are centred on the drug and its use.

Psychedelic Drugs

Consciousness-expanding or mind-manifesting drugs.

Risky Use

Recurrent substance use in situations in which it is physically and psychologically hazardous.

Second-Hand Smoke

A person’s exhaled smoke, inhaled by another person.


Group of common hallucinogenic drugs, which includes PCP, “angel dust”, and less potent compounds such as ketamine, cyclohexamine and dizocilpine.

Residential Rehabilitation Centres

Centres which allow people to live, work and socialize with others undergoing treatment in an environment that offers advice, support and treatment programmes enabling clients to learn the social and coping skills necessary for the transition back to a normal life.

Reward Pathways

The brain neurocircuitry that make substance use pleasurable.