Types of Delusion

Match the terms with the definitions. You get 2 chances to match each pair.

Persecutory Delusions

Grandiose Delusions

Delusions of Control

Delusions of Reference

Nihilistic Delusions

Erotomanic Delusions

An individual believes that they are being oppressed, spied upon or are in danger (usually as a result of a conspiracy of some kind).

An individual believes that they are someone with fame or power or have exceptional abilities, wealth or fame (e.g. Jesus Christ or a famous music star).

An individual believes that their thoughts, feelings or actions are being controlled by external forces (e.g. aliens or ghosts), often associated with the belief that control is being exerted through devices sending messages to their brain.

An individual believes that indepent external events are making specific reference to them (e.g. the DJ on the radio is talking directly to them).

An indidivual believes that some aspect of the world or themselves has ceased to exist (e.g. belief that they are dead) or that a major catastrophe will occur.

An individual falsely believes that another person is in love with him or her.