Chapter 6

Anxiety and Stress-Related Disorders

Set E

Mood-as-input Hypothesis (OCD)

A hypothesis claiming that people use their concurrent mood as information about whether they have successfully completed a task or not.

Obsessions (OCD)

Intrusive and recurring thoughts that an individual finds disturbing and uncontrollable.

Non Association Fear Acquisition (SP)

A model that argues that fear of a set of biologically relevant stimuli develops naturally after very early encounters given normal maturational processes and normal background experiences and no specific traumatic experiences with these stimuli are necessary to evoke this fear.

Panic Disorder

An anxiety disorder characterized by repeated panic or anxiety attacks.

Phobic Beliefs (SP)

Beliefs about phobic stimuli that maintain the phobic’s fear and avoidance of that stimulus or situation..

Mental Defeat (PTSD)

A specific frame of mind in which the individual sees themselves as a victim. This is a psychological factor that is important in making an individual vulnerable to PTSD.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Characterized either by obsessions or compulsions.

Panic (PD)

A sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety.