Chapter 6

Anxiety and Stress-Related Disorders

Set B

Biological Challenge Tests (PD)

Research in which panic tests are induced by administering carbon dioxide-enriched air or by encouraging hyperventilation.

Catastrophic Misinter-pretation of Bodily Sensations (PD)

A feaure of panic disorders where there is a cognitive bias towards accepting the more threatening interpretation of an individual's own sensations.

Biological Preparedness (SP)

A theory which argues that we have a built-in predisposition to learn to fear things such as snakes, spiders, heights and water because these have been life-threatening to our ancestors.

Clinical Constructs

Clinical psychology researchers develop constructs in order to link thoughts, beliefs and cognitive processes to subsequent symptoms observed in their everyday practice.

Cognitive Restructuring (SP, SOC, PD, GAD, OCD, PTSD)

Methods used to challenge the biases that a client might hold about how frequently bad events might happen and to generate thoughts that are more accurate.

Behavioural Rehearsal (SOC, PD, OCD)

A coping strategy that involves either the actual or imagined rehearsal of adaptive coping responses that need to be deployed when a worry trigger is encountered.

Castrophising (GAD)

An example of magnification, in which the individual takes a single fact to its extreme.

Cingulatomy (OCD)

A neurosurgical treatment involving destroying cells in the cingulum, close to the corpus callosum.