Chapter 5

Clinical Practice

Set C

Protected Title

A job title that can only be used if the individual has received appropriate training and is registered with the relevant regulatory body. The title of clinical psychologist is protected and regulated by the HCPC.


Individuals who are involved in the treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means.


Medical practitioners specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

Regional Secure Units

Facilities available to treat individuals who have been admitted by the courts under the Mental Health Act, transferred from prison under the Mental Health Act, or have been transferred from an ordinary hospital ward because they may need treatment in a more secure setting.

Social Workers

Professionals whose main focus is clients’ social care needs (e.g. housing). Approved Social Workers are also involved in Mental Health Act assessments.

Outpatient Basis

Most people with a mental health problem can live in the community and be treated at a dedicated community mental health centre, a day clinic, or some larger GP or physician surgeries.

Recovery Model

Broad-ranging treatment approach which acknowledges the influence and importance of socio-economic status, employment and education and social inclusion.

Reflective Practitioner Model

Key competency in which clinical psychologists reflect on their own experience when working with clients, and reflect on the process of interaction with their client.