Features of Recovery

Match the terms with the definitions. You get 2 chances to match each pair.


A Secure Base


Supportive Relationships

Empowerment and Inclusion

Coping Strategy


Developing an ability to persevere through uncertainty and setbacks and developing a sustainable belief in oneself.

Ensuring appropriate housing, income, health care and security.

Developing a durable sense of self, a sense of social belonging and a set of interests.

The development of good relationships, not just with mental health care professionals, but with friends, family and the community.

Developing the confidence for independent decision-making and help-seeking, and challenging stigma and prejudice about mental health problems.

The development of a range of strategies and problem-solving skills that will enable the individual to identify and deal with stressors and crisis points.

Developing a sense of purpose and that may be related to a social or work role.