Chapter 4

Treating Psychopathology

Set D


A treatment method which involves the use of email and internet technology.

Exposure Therapies

Treatment in which sufferers are helped by the therapist to confront and experience events and stimuli relevant to their trauma and their symptoms.

Experimental Group

A group of participants who experience the independent variable in an experimental study.

Faulty Learning

A view that the symptoms of psychological disorders are acquired through the learning of pathological responses.

Fear Fighter

A computer-based CBT used in the management of panic and phobia.

Encounter Groups

Group therapy which encourages therapy and self-growth through disclosure and interaction.


The classical conditioning principle which assumes emotional problems can be ‘unlearned’ by disrupting the association between the anxiety-provoking cues or situations and the threat or traumatic outcomes with which they have become associated.

Family Therapy

A form of intervention involving family members that is helpful as a means of dealing with psychopathology that may result from the relationship dynamics within the family.