Chapter 3

Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

Set H

Quantitative Methods

Research methods that place an important emphasis on accurate and valid measurement of behaviour and attempt to draw conclusions from their studies on the basis of statistical inference.

Risk Factors

Factors which may increase the risk of developing psychopathology later in life.

Random Assignment

Assignment of participants to different treatments, interventions or conditions according to chance.


Someone who is competent as both a researcher and a practitioner.

Single-Case Experiment

A single case study in which a participant’s behaviour is observed and measured both before and after an experimental manipulation.

Qualitative Methods

Research methods that rely on the analysis of verbal reports rather than on statistical analyses of quantifiable data.


A graphical representation showing the relationship between two variables.

Scientific Method

A research method which espouses the pursuit of knowledge through systematic observation and requires that research findings are replicable and testable.