Chapter 3

Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

Set B

Clinical Trials

Experimental research studies used to test the effectiveness of treatments for mental health problems.


Using our knowledge of the causal relationships between events to manipulate behaviour or cognitions.


The right of participants in psychological research to expect that information they provide will be treated in confidence.

Correlational Designs

Research designs which enable a researcher to determine if there is a relationship between two or more variables.

Cross-Sectional Design

A research design that involves the collection of data from a sample at just one point in time.

Clinical Audit

The use of research methods to determine whether existing clinical knowledge, skills and resources are effective and are being properly used. Also known as evaluation research.

Control Conditions

Conditions within an experiment that control for any effects other than that produced by the independent variable.

Control Group

A group of participants who experience manipulations other than the independent variable being investigated.