Chapter 2

Classification & Assessment in Clinical Psychology

Set D

Hypothetical Constructs

Constructs that are necessarily directly observable but have to be inferred from other data.

Internal Consistency

The extent to which all the items in a test consistency relate to each other.

Inter-Rater Reliability

The degree to which two independent clinicians actually agree when interpreting or scoring a particular test.

Lie Detectors

The measurement of changes in autonomic responding used to identify whether an individual is lying in response to specific preset questions. This technique has often been used in criminal prosecutions and employment screening.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A neuroimaging technique which involves the participant being placed inside a large circular magnet that causes the hydrogen atoms in the body to move. This produces an electromagnetic signal that is converted by the scanner’s computer into visual pictures of the brain.

Hybrid Disorders

Disorders that contain elements of a number of different disorders.

International List of Causes of Death (ICD)

The international standard diagnostic classification developed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Tests

Intelligence testsused as a means of estimating intellectual ability.