Chapter 2

Classification & Assessment in Clinical Psychology

Set A

Adult Memory and Information Processing Battery (AMIPB)

A neuropsychological test in wide us in the UK, comprising two tests of speed of information processing, verbal memory tests and visual memory tests.

Analogue Observations

Clinical observations carried out in a controlled environment that allows surreptitious observation of the client.

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

A scientific and professional organization that represents psychiatry in the United States.


The co-occurance of two or more distinct disorders.

Computerised Axial Tomography (CAT)

A neuroimaging technique which uses sophisticated versions of X-ray machines and can be used to form a three-dimensional picture of the brain.

ABC Chart

An observation method that requires the observer to note what happens before the target behaviour occurs (A), what the individual did (B) and what the consequences of the behaviour were (C).

Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome

DSM-5 has introduced disorder categories

designed to identify populations that are at risk for future mental health problems. Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome is seen as a potential precursor to psychotic episodes.

Case Formulation

The use of clinical information to draw up a psychological explanation of the client's problems and to develop a plan for therapy.