Chapter 17

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Set D

Intellectual Disabilities

A modern term replacing mental retardation to describe the more severe and general learning disabilities.

Learning Disability

An umbrella term to cover specific learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders.

Language Disorder

A disability concerned with problems in vocabulary comprehension and production.


An opioid receptor antagonist which has been found to be beneficial in the control of hyperactivity and self-injurious behaviour.

Parent-Implemented Early Intervention

Using parents as effective trainers to teach children with intellectual disabilities, basic self-help and communication skills.


Strategies intended to teach high functioning individuals self-help strategies, social and living skills, and self-management that are designed to help the individual function more effectively in society.

Maternal HIV Infection

The incidence of a mother having HIV during pregnancy, leading to a likelihood that the infection will be passed on to the foetus.


The process of demonstrating a required behaviour to clients before prompting them to imitate it.