Chapter 16

Childhood and Adolescent Psychological Problems

Set D

Systematic Desensitisation

A behaviour therapy based on classical conditioning used in the treatment of phobias and anxiety disorders, during which the client overcomes their fears through gradual and systematic exposure.

Theory of Mind (TOM)

The ability to understand one’s own and other people’s mental states.

Systematic Family Therapy

A family intervention technique based on the view that childhood problems result from inappropriate family structure and organization. The therapist is concerned with the boundaries between parents and children, and the ways in which they communicate.

Time-Out (TO)

A means of reducing disruptive behaviours by removing the child from the situation and directing him or her, for example, to sit in a specific time-out chair for periods of between 5 and 15 minutes.

Tourette's Syndrome

A disorder in which motor and vocal tics occur frequently throughout the day for at least 1 year.

Specific Phobias

An excessive, unreasonable, persistent fear triggered by a specific object or situation

Tic Disorders

Uncontrollable physical movements such as facial twitches, rapid blinking or twitches of the mouth.