Chapter 14

Dissociative Experiences

Set A

Age Regression

In hypnotherapy, the recreation of the physical and mental state that a client was in prior to experiencing any trauma in order to help the individual recall events during earlier stages of his or her life.

Childhood Abuse

The physical or psychological maltreatment of a child.

Alter Identities

The identities that develop after the onset of dissociative identity disorder.

Depersonalisation Disorder

Feelings of detachment or estrangement from the self (such as living in a dream or standing outside of oneself, watching oneself).

Dissociative Amnesia

An inability to recall important personal information that is usually of a stressful or traumatic nature.


The intense re-experiencing of traumatic events.

Complex PTSD

Often associated with early age interpersonal trauma and with dissociative symptoms from that early age.

Continuous Amnesia

A memory disturbance where there is an inability to recall events from a specific time up to and including the present.