Chapter 13

Somatic Symptom Disorders

Set C

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MCBT)

A direct extension of traditional CBT in which treatments emphasize achieving a mental state characterized by present-moment focus and non-judgmental awareness.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Therapeutic approach which focuses on procedures designed to bring repressed thoughts and memories into consciousness where they can be effectively dealt with.

Muscle Dysmorphia

An obsession with a muscular appearance, often associated with excessive weight training and the use of bodybuilding anabolic steroids.

Sick Role

Playing the role of being sick as defined by the society to which the individual belongs.

Somatic Symptom Disorder

A group of loosely associated disorders all of which can be characterised by psychological problems manifesting as physical symptoms or as psychological distress caused by physical symptoms or physical features.

Memory Bias

Individuals with somatic symptom disorders may also have a bias towards remembering and retrieving illness relevant material.

Reasoning Bias

The tendency of individuals with hypochondriasis to reject diagnoses that disagree with their own beliefs about their health and to seek further opinions - presumably in the belief that someone will agree with their view.

Rogue Representations

In somatoform disorders, representations which provide inappropriate templates by which information about body shape and health are selected and interpreted.