Chapter 11

Gender & Sexual Problems

Set D

Masturbatory Satiation

A treatment for paraphilias in which the client is asked to masturbate in the presence of arousing stimuli.

Orgasmic Reorientation

A treatment method to replace inappropriate or distressing sexual activities which aims to make the client sexually aroused by more conventional or acceptable stimuli.

Medroxy-progesterone Acetate (MPA)

An anti-androgen, testosterone-lowering drug.

Paedophilic Disorder

Sexual attraction towards prepubescent children, normally of 13-years or younger

Penile Prosthesis

A mechanical device normally reserved for non-reversible organic-based erectile problems.

Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Absent/reduced interest in sexual activity or erotic/sexual thoughts.

Paraphilic Disorders

Represent sexual urges or fantasies involving unusual sources of gratification (e.g. nonhuman objects or non-consenting individuals).


A phenomenon in which there is a fascination with an individual object to the point where normal sexual activity no longer occurs.