Chapter 11

Gender & Sexual Problems

Set C

Gender Dysphonia

A gender identity disorder in which an individual has a sense of gender that is opposite to his or her biological sex.

Gender Reassignment Surgery

The process of changing biological sex which ends in changing the person’s basic biological features to be congruent with his or her gender identity.

Gender Identity

The internal sense of being either male or female. Usually congruent with biological gender, but not always, as in gender identity disorder.


An act performed by sexual masochists which involves the individual using a noose or plastic bag to induce oxygen deprivation during masturbation.

Implicit Theories

In sexual offending, integrated cognitive schemas that guide sexual offenders’ interactions with their victims and justify their behaviour.

Frotteuristic Disorder

Intense, recurrent sexual urges to touch and rub up against non-consenting people.

Genito-Pelvic Pain/ Penetration Disorder

Refers to four commonly occurring symptoms, namely difficulty having intercourse, genito-pelvic pain, fear of pain or vaginal penetration, and tension of the pelvic floor muscles.


The occurrence of high rates of sexual activity.