Chapter 10

Eating Disorders

Set E

Purging Sub-Type BN

Occurs when a person regularly induces vomiting or misuses laxatives, enemas or diuretics to compensate for episodes of binge eating.


A characteristic of family systems theory where there is a tendency to maintain the status quo within the family.

Restricted Type AN

A type of anorexia nervosa in which self-starvation is not associated with concurrent purging (e.g. self-inducing vomiting or use of laxatives).

Serotonin Metabolites

The products produced by the breakdown of serotonin.

Transdiagnositic Cognitive Behavioural Model

A model of eating disorders which argues that a dysfunctional system of self-evaluation is central to the maintenance of all eating disorders, and that self-worth is defined in terms of control over eating, weight and shape, which in turn leads to dietary restraint.

Prevention Programmes

Intervention programmes that attempt to prevent the onset of a psychopathology before the first symptoms are detected.

Self-Help Groups

Group therapy which brings together people who share a common problem in an attempt to share information and help and support one another.