Chapter 1

Introducing Psychopathology

Set F

Mental Health Stigma

Two distinct types: social stigma (prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behaviour directed towards individuals with mental health problems) and perceived stigma or self-stigma (the internalizing by the mental health sufferer of their perceptions of discrimination).

Molecular Genetics

Genetic approach which seeks to identify individual genes that may be involved in transmitting psychopathology symptoms.

Milieu Therapies

The first attempts to structure the hospital environment for patients, which attempted to create a therapeutic community on the ward in order to develop productivity, independence, responsibility and feelings of self-respect.


A neurotransmitter thought to play a role in anxiety symptoms.

Occipital Lobe

Brain area associated with visual perception.

Medical Model

An explanation of psychopathology in terms of underlying biological or medical causes.

Moral Treatments

Approach to the treatment of asylum inmates, developed by the Quaker movement in the UK, which abandoned contemporary medical approaches in favour of understanding, hope, moral responsibility, and occupational therapy.


The scientific study of the nervous system.