Chapter 1

Introducing Psychopathology

Set A

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

A scientific and professional organization that represents psychiatry in the United States.

Assertive Community Treatment

Programmes to help people recovering from psychotic episodes with their medication regimes, offering psychotherapy, assistance in dealing with everyday life and its stressors, guidance on making decisions, residential supervision and vocational training.


The region of the brain responsible for coordinating and initiating responses to fear.

Ataque de Nervios

A form of panic disorder found in Latinos from the Caribbean.

Behaviour Modification/ Therapy

Behavioural treatment methods based on classical conditioning principles, which assumed that learned psychopathology could be ‘unlearned’ using normal learning processes.

Abnormal Psychology

An alternative definition of psychopathology, albeit with negative connotations in regard to being ‘not normal’.

Assertive Outreach

A way of working with groups of individuals with severe mental health problems who do not effectively engage with mental health services.


In the eighteenth century, as many traditional infectious diseases became less common, hospices were converted into asylums for the confinement of individuals with mental health problems.